Wedding Planning vs. Wedding Directing

It can be overwhelming to start the wedding process and even more overwhelming to meet all the many vendors that could be involved. So many people (even wedding industry people) have no clue what the difference is between a wedding planner, a wedding designer, a wedding director, etc.
Here is a simple explanation of the difference between the different roles
Wedding Director: Usually comes in towards the final part of the planning process to insure that your “day of” is organized and flows easily. A director is in charge of making sure the set up schedules for ceremony and reception are followed. This is with out a doubt the BEST money you could spend on your wedding. So many times I have heard the words…”I should have hired you!” As much as I love to hear those words, it doesn’t serve me or the Bride for them to realize that after the wedding. Hire a director so you can attend your own wedding!
Wedding Planner: This is someone who is organized, creative and budget minded. They help you in the months of your engagement with everything you could imagine. A huge part of the reason a Bride should hire a planner is their connection with fabulous vendors and their ability to get discounts in the industry. A great wedding planner knows how to assist you without smothering you.
Wedding Designer: This is a fairly new field that is usually separate from planning/directing. Most have floral design backgrounds or interior design backgrounds and help you with the decor of your wedding. Managing budgets, vendors, or schedules is also done by a Wedding Designer, but with a wider scope of bringing all the creative energy and ideas to play in the process.
Premier W.E.D. offers all three services! We try to caterer to as much or as little as you might need. I believe that it is imperative that the Bride still have control of her day but have that helping hand any time she needs it. It is our pleasure and honor to serve our Brides!