Unique Wedding Bars

Everyone is always looking for new and improved ways to pump up their wedding reception. Well, we have a solution for you! Unique wedding bars. “Whether you’re going for casual late-night eats or highlighting a chef’s table for a special tasting, a food bar is full of flavor and personality — and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for your guests” (brides.com).

Planning a brunch reception? Keep these food bar ideas in mind!

Biscuit Bar. Everyone likes their biscuits different. Whether you like plain with butter, a biscuit topped with blueberries, savory meat and cheese, or for a sweeter flavor, nutella spread. A biscuit bar is guaranteed to fill your guests will some Southern goodness!


Mimosa Bar. Since you’re having a brunch reception, people may not be in the mood for hard liquor (yet). Give them the option to make their own mimosas. Offer different juices and to add to the decoration, throw in some fresh fruit to top off each drink.


Now to the classic food bar. Let’s mix it up.

Potato Bar. Mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, baked potatoes, oh my. And all the toppings you could ever think of, like bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter, ranch, and so much more. Carb overload! (especially if it’s been a long night).


Sushi | Sake Bar. Get ready to get the party rolling. Sushi is a such a pop-culture phemonemon right now. We’ve had great response from creating a sushi/sake bar!  Having different assortments of sushi rolls for all of your guests to enjoy with a shot of sake on the side represented the Bride and Groom’s love for the popular meal.


Chick-fil-a Bar. Now this would really make me happy. For all of you Southerners, Chick-fil-a is a way of life. Having a bar stocked with different chick-fil-a menu items is a sure fire way to win over your guests. Perfect late-night, grab-and-go, on-the-road snack.


Last…Sweet Treats!…

Smores Bar. Guests will LOVE this long standing campfire tradition. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows with other decadent toppings to choose from creates a customized dessert treat.

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This weekend’s wedding hosted a dessert station with handmade goods from Savannah’s Candy company, Nashville Goo Goo Cluster selections, as well as a vintage Donut Shop’s delicious treats. The donuts were specifically requested due to the groom being a Nashville Metro Police Officer!


Unique Wedding Bars are a great way of expressing yourselves as a new couple. These are just a few to consider and ask your caterer for some inventive ways to share your favorite food or treats with your guests! Bon Appetit.