Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Planner

Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Planner


  1. Enjoy Your Day

There are many minor details that get overlooked at weddings. “Who has the ring for the ring bearer?” “Whose car is the top of the cake going to go into so it can be refrigerated?” “Who has the hotel key to the honeymoon suite for the bride?” As a Bride you should never have to spend your most anticipated day running around being the “go-to” person for every detail. Your wedding planner will be able to answer all the questions and be your day of coordinator so you can further enjoy and commemorate your day.

2. Event and Wedding Planners can actually help you save!

The last thing a Bride wants to think about is paying a planner on top of the cost of a wedding, but did you know that sometimes they have special discounts with the best most reliable vendors in town, helping you get the best deal for the best quality of product? Allowing you to have the most elegant wedding you never knew you could afford!

3. Emotional Support

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As the day grows closer for your wedding day most couples, family, and friends involved become so overwhelmed they admit they just want your day to be over! Wedding planners are a great neutral figure and go to for any big decisions you need to make that may upset a family member. Additionally, they have experience in handling conflicts within a wedding and know how to navigate these or avoid them completely before they even begin.

4. Budgeting

It’s hard to know how much money to spend on what when it comes to paying for a wedding. What’s the best price for a live band? I’m $1,000 over budget where is the easiest place to cut this from? Where will most of my budget go? Wedding planners have years of experience on where your willing to put the money and how to execute the perfect day for the budget you set from the beginning. They will eliminate decisions you might make that would put you over budget.

5. Design

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Event and Wedding planners normally has a keen eye for design’s and the upcoming trends. Due to years of business your planner will have a good idea of the space and what could fit where/ what looks good where. He/she will also be able to pick up on the design of your wedding based off of little details you give them, creating and envisioning more than what you ever could have pictured.