Hindsight is 2020

2020 was a doozy to say the least! As wedding planners, this past year was anything but normal. We were challenged with cancelled plans, adjusted expectations, and creating lasting memories for our clients despite the setbacks. Luckily, our brides trusted us to create the wedding of their dreams- covid style.

Meet Chloe + DJ. They are patient people, that’s for sure! Their wedding went from a June, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, 260 guest count to an Oct. Noelle Hotel wedding of 62 people.

kathy thomas photography 3587 - Premier W.E.D. kathy thomas photography 3716 - Premier W.E.D. kathy thomas photography 3738 - Premier W.E.D. kathy thomas photography 3895 - Premier W.E.D.kathy thomas photography 4030 - Premier W.E.D.kathy thomas photography 3905 - Premier W.E.D.

Meet Billy + Gray. They were able to still have their Halloween wedding date, we just held out hope it would remain with no changes and NO RAIN, and it did! The only change was the guest list reduced to more than half of what was previously expected.

billy gray 270 - Premier W.E.D.

billy gray 002 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 017 - Premier W.E.D.  billy gray 136 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 186 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 239 - Premier W.E.D.  billy gray 288 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 343 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 435 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 692 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 1083 - Premier W.E.D. billy gray 1087 - Premier W.E.D.

Meet Amanda + Tim. This couple had an intimate second marriage with 25 guests, 6 course sit down dinner and reception at Cheekwood. We used the Chihuly exhibit as inspiration and back drop for palette- an absolutely stunning setting.

kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 2 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 18 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 39 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 40 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 48 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 64 - Premier W.E.D.kristinsweeting amandatimpreview 75 - Premier W.E.D.

Meet Olivia + Clay. Their wedding went from 130 people in September at a downtown venue to a 65 person wedding at a farm in Bedford County at the gorgeous and lovely White Dove Barn.

oliviaandclayton teasers 15 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 24 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 65 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 90 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 93 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 135 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 140 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 164 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 208 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 222 - Premier W.E.D.

Favor of the year in 2020! Custom hand sanitizer!

oliviaandclayton teasers 223 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 232 - Premier W.E.D. oliviaandclayton teasers 273 - Premier W.E.D.

All in all, this past year was not what any of us expected. Thankfully babies were still born into this world, Spring still turned into Summer, and soulmates married their true loves. If 2020 has taught us all one thing- it is to take it day by day and, for us, to remember that weddings aren’t just about the idea we have in our heads, it’s about a marriage- the commitment you make to the other person when you walk down the aisle.
Chloe + DJ- Kathy Thomas Photography
Billy+ Gray- Someplace Wild Photography
Amanda + Tim- Kristin Sweeting Phtography
Olivia + Clays- Amy Aiello Photography