Top 7 Photos With Your Bridesmaids That You Absolutely Need

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There are plenty of photos you have probably considered taking on your wedding day. From getting ready, the ceremony to pictures with your family and of course with the groom but what about the ladies that are helping you and have helped throughout the entire wedding planning process? While you know you’ll have some time to take group shots of the entire bridal party you’ll want to make sure you have these photos with your bridesmaids as you get ready on your big day.

1. Showcase The Back of the Dress

The back of a wedding dress is hidden with beautiful details you’ll want to capture. You can pose with all of the bridesmaids to show off their dresses as well or have some great close ups of the bridesmaids helping button, zipper or lace up the back of your dress.

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2. First Look With The Bridesmaids

You have heard about the first look for the bride and groom but what about when the bridal party sees the bride for the first time? The bride’s first reveal to her bridal party can result in some emotional and memorable photo opportunities.

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3. Having Fun

As you are getting ready everyone’s nerves are a little on edge because everyone wants to look their best. There will be moments when you just need to let loose to relax a little and having a little dance party, jumping on the bed or just being silly are moments that can make for great photo opportunities.

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4. Matching Robes or Shirts

Most brides will have getting ready attire for their bridesmaids and you’ll want to capture everyone in their cute and thoughtful pre-wedding wear.

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5. Bouquets and Bridesmaids Dresses

Bouquets won’t last a lifetime but the pictures you have of them will. The bridesmaids and bride bouquet shot is one that you will want to have. There are many ways you can showcase the bouquets as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses. From lining everyone up and holding their bouquets out to the camera or hiding their faces to forming a circle around the bride; this is another shot that you can get creative with.

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6. The Shoe Shot

You can’t forget about the shoes and what about those pedicures? You’ll want to get a group shot that showcases everyone’s shoes.

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7. Celebrating Shot

You’re getting married! There is bound to be a bottle or two of champagne being opened in the bride’s honor. Take a minute to pause as you toast away your single life with your bridesmaids for a picture perfect shot.

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Photography: Stevie Ramos Photography

Couple: Elisha + Andrew

Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue

tsphoto cabell wedding 230 - Premier W.E.D.

tsphoto cabell wedding 384 - Premier W.E.D.Finding the right wedding venue takes a lot of time and research and can often be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. You need to make sure that your venue ticks all the right boxes before you make a final decision. 

Your venue will influence your budget as well as the atmosphere on the day so before you sign on the dotted line, below are three important things to consider before you decide on your wedding venue. 

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  • Venue size. Look at how many people you’re planning to invite to your wedding versus the number of people the venue can comfortably cater for. A crowded reception can be quite uncomfortable and if a venue is too large, it can affect the atmosphere and the overall look and feel. Put an initial guest list together before you start venue shopping so that you can make a better decision. 

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  • What about the drinks? Alcohol and drinks are a big part of your wedding so it’s important to find out whether you can bring your own alcohol and what the costs are or if the venue will supply the drinks. Since you will also need a licensed bartender to serve alcohol, find out whether the venue can assist with this so that you can factor those costs into your final budget. 

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  • Preferred vendors. You’re going to be working with several different vendors in the time leading up to and on your wedding day. Many venues require you to use their vendors so find out about this before you make a booking. If they do work with specific vendors, make sure that you’re happy with their experience, style, personality, and pricing. When a venue works with preferred vendors, it does mean they’re confident in their experience and ability to delivery but it’s more important for you to choose vendors that fit in with your budget and overall preferences. 

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There are many different factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue but make sure that it’s a space that speaks to your personalities and style as a couple.

Brittany + Ben Wedding

Photography: Taylor Salerno


Cue the Fireworks: Let Freedom Ring!

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I love the freedom I have to take on what I feel is challenging, inspiring and a blessing! Owning my own event planning company has brought me so much joy, and freedom is a huge part of that! I have been able to build my business around my life, my family, my personal responsibilities. Freedom is a large part of the attractiveness of being an entrepreneur. When planning your own wedding during a pandemic and nation-wide upheaval, one of the best parts for my clients is freedom!
Freedom to ask yourself, what do I want my big day to look like? Should I have a “Micro” Wedding? The plus to having a guest list of 20 vs 120 allows for more freedom and choice when it comes to your wedding day. When catering to a smaller guest count, you may have the room to splurge on those smaller details that you wouldn’t have been able to before such as menu items, floral displays, and maybe that band you really wanted but was originally out of your price range.
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Freedom to write your own vows vs. a church wedding that requires you to say specific vows dedicated by the Catholic Church, etc. If your faith is an integral part of your life, you have the freedom to choose how that relates to your wedding.
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Freedom to personalize your wedding and make it specific to you and your groom is the most enjoyable part of planning! Ingrid Fetell Lee  in her book, Joyful, defines the freedom aesthetic of joy as encompassing “nature, wildness, and open space.” Outdoor, nature loving brides will appreciate this definition, but even destination clients will want to explore their options in the freedom of  choosing just the right location that represents their aesthetic joy!
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Is it the beach, an enchanted garden, a historic mansion, art museum, or your home town church? No matter what you choose, enjoy the freedom you have to make it completely yours!
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Photos included in this blog are from a wedding we planned for our clients Roman & Ellie, complete with a firework finale!
Photos by: Janelle Elise Photography