Show off Shoes

These shoes are all from the fabulous duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka. They collaborated in 1988 and began creating sophisticated couture styles for women, with their shoe line launching in the spring of 2000. You will find BadgleyMischka on one of my favorite sites for wedding shoes I usually can find the exact shoe a client is looking for in just minutes and they offer a variety of heights and styles. When the night lingers, I am a referral rep for a great flip flop company that has beautiful leather imprinted soles and I have ordered them for client’s bridesmaids before. Check out Sandals 4 Events.

I also like to add galvanized buckets or baskets filled with flip flops at the edges of the client’s dance floors (especially outdoor receptions). When budgets are tight, you can find colored flip flops that match the design of your wedding at The Dollar Store or Michael’s. Obviously, summer is the best buying time for such things, but you will find they are still available in early fall with limited quantities. I also recommend only 25-30 pair for a reception of 100 guests. The dancing continues through out the night with out bare or soar feet!