Julie and Jonathan’s Wedding at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Julie and Jonathan’s wedding at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center was a truly elegant affair. We loved working with this couple and wish them the best in their future together! Read on to see more beautiful pictures and hear about Julie’s experience with Premier W.E.D.! 

 What was something you wanted your guests to take out of/remember most from your wedding?
We had more than 100 people coming in from out of town for our wedding. I wanted to make the most of the event for them, so they would feel like it was worth their travel. I spent the majority of our budget on things that they would get the most out of: the food, drinks and band. I put less money toward things like my dress and the flowers, because I didn’t think that would make their experience any more enjoyable. 


 What was something unique about your wedding?
My husband and I were introduced by his uncle, who was my former co-worker. Since he was the one to introduce us, we only thought it made sense for him to marry us too! He officiated the wedding ceremony, and did a fantastic job. It was incredible to have someone, who knew us both so well, sharing stories from our lives, and telling the audience why he thought we were right for each other in the first place. 

Costume jewelry has really come to life in past years and I love it. One of my favorite accessories are rings. A wedding or event can be created completely surrounded around the color and design of the ring. Traditional wedding rings are so lovely but I am drawn to out of the ordinary pieces. I think it’s because I have an out of the ordinary outlook on life!

What’s some advice you would give to future couples planning a wedding?
My biggest regret was not hiring a wedding planner as soon as I got engaged. Instead, I tried to do it on my own. When I realized I was in over my head, that’s when I brought in the team at Premier WED. At that point, I had already finalized deals with vendors, that I probably wouldn’t have, had I had Dawn’s advice.

 What did you love most about your wedding being in Nashville?
My husband and I moved to Nashville soon after we started dating, and we both quickly fell in love with the town. We were so excited to have our friends and relatives travel from all across the country to have fun in our new hometown.  We spent the night before the wedding going to honky tonks and karaoke bars. Our guests had so much listening to live music and experiencing a city, that’s unlike any other.
But then the next night, we gave them a completely different experience. We had our wedding at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center; so while we were still downtown, they got to see the sophisticated side of music city.

How did Premier W.E.D help create your wedding day vision?
What I loved about working with Premier W.E.D is that they put my vision into reality, even though I couldn’t even put it into words. It’s like Dawn knew exactly what style I was looking for just by showing her a few pictures. She was able to take those ideas and run with it, and create something more stylish and sophisticated than I ever could have dreamed of.
 What vendors would you suggest to future brides? 
The great thing about having a wedding planner is that Dawn handled most of those details. I trusted her advice, and went with the people and companies that she recommended. I wouldn’t change a thing. Dawn suggested Burning Las Vegas for our band, and they were fantastic! Not only was their music great, they put on a show for our guests.