Flawless Skin For Your Wedding Day!

Sure we all want to lose that last ten pounds we said we’d lose six months ago when it comes time for a big event. Weddings, monumental birthdays, class reunions, are all “crunch time” events. Spending more time trying to lose that last minute weight isn’t where we should be spending our time. Having skin that glows and is in great shape is more achieveable and makes a more noticeable difference. Especially when you are limited in time.

There are great products out there that will help you look like a million dollars and you don’t have to break your bank. You’ve seen all the magazines to know they are out there. Why not actually try them? I suggest this…go see a professional first. See a licensed aesthetician and/or a dermatologist for a consult about your skin and it’s current condition. Then you can get their advice for an over-the-counter regimen.

I have worked with an outstanding aesthetician in the skin industry. Karee Hayes with Retief Skin Center has a special interest in sitting down with a client and taking a thorough inventory of skin type and lifestyle. She then uses that information to plan out the very best skincare options for each client. Karee knows that every skin type is different, and every life is different, and she works diligently with her clients to come up with a streamlined skincare routine that works.

Karee is a wife and mother of three active children, so she knows how to keep a skincare routine quick and easy to maintain without sacrificing effectiveness. Once a personal skincare regimen is selected, Karee is trained in all the latest medical and skin care treatments to achieve the fresh, dewy, fabulous skin that we all want. She has studied product lines and ingredients for years; she knows what is truly effective, and what’s just a waste of your money. Legendary for her “insider tips” Karee will help educate you on how to make the skincare industry work for you! Beautiful skin is within your reach!

Karee Hayes of Retief Skin Center
Nashville, TN