First Glance Pictures: Will You Capture The Moment?

Abbey first glance

Many brides have started to break tradition and add the First Glance Photoshoot to their wedding day.  The old wive’s tale was that you must not see your fiance until the moment you are walking down the aisle, or it was bad luck for the marriage! 

A first glance picture will be a moment couples will cherish forever. And the pictures come outbeautifully! The first look session is a quite and surreal moment before the ceremony to expressyour love to one another and to have a private moment before entering into the crowds of family and friends. While it does break tradition, many couples have chosen this new path and they are glad they did! Who wouldn’t when you can capture these wonderfully touching pictures.

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So…will you break tradition and have a first look session? It is something to think about!

Photo Credit: Bow Ties & Bliss, Barefeet Studio, Paul Rowland Photography, Image Trick, Amber Davis Photography, Azul Photography.