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Making Your Mom’s Dress Your Something Old








Every bride dreams of incorporating her mother’s wedding dress into her own special day. There are many ways to use your mom’s dress without actually wearing it because, let’s face it, sometimes your mom’s taste back then does not suit your taste now. But using part of your mother’s dress during your wedding will be meaningful for you both. Make it your something old.

As a part of your dress:

Use a piece of your mom’s dress as a part of your dress. Part of the lace from her veil can be sewn into your train. Incorporate some of her sleeves into yours (maybe not the complete 80s sleeves that mom may have had, but something more modern and classic). Cut part of her dress and use it as a sash for your dress.

Refurbish her dress:

Reconstruct her dress into your rehearsal dinner dress. Brides wear white on this day anyway, so a vintage white dress from your mom would be perfect. Cut off your mom’s dress and make it your own, still keeping her twist on it of course.










As a decoration:

You don’t have to cut up your mom’s entire dress, but use a piece or two somewhere in your ceremony. Use part of her dress as a decoration around your bouquet or as the ring bearer’s pillow. Something small but still noteworthy.








As an accessory:

There is a large chance that your mom’s dress has some lace incorporated in it. Use some of her lace as your garter. If you are more on the boho-chic side, use some of your mom’s lace as part of your flower crown. Or for your man, incorporate a piece of your mom’s dress as a nice pocket square. That way he has a little bit of you and your family with him as he waits for you at the end of the aisle/



Making your mom’s gown part of your extra special day is a meaningful thing. Make it your something old and your mom will love it, guaranteed!

Unique Wedding Bars

Everyone is always looking for new and improved ways to pump up their wedding reception. Well, we have a solution for you! Unique wedding bars. “Whether you’re going for casual late-night eats or highlighting a chef’s table for a special tasting, a food bar is full of flavor and personality — and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for your guests” (

Planning a brunch reception? Keep these food bar ideas in mind!

Biscuit Bar. Everyone likes their biscuits different. Whether you like plain with butter, a biscuit topped with blueberries, savory meat and cheese, or for a sweeter flavor, nutella spread. A biscuit bar is guaranteed to fill your guests will some Southern goodness!


Mimosa Bar. Since you’re having a brunch reception, people may not be in the mood for hard liquor (yet). Give them the option to make their own mimosas. Offer different juices and to add to the decoration, throw in some fresh fruit to top off each drink.


Now to the classic food bar. Let’s mix it up.

Potato Bar. Mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, baked potatoes, oh my. And all the toppings you could ever think of, like bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter, ranch, and so much more. Carb overload! (especially if it’s been a long night).


Sushi | Sake Bar. Get ready to get the party rolling. Sushi is a such a pop-culture phemonemon right now. We’ve had great response from creating a sushi/sake bar!  Having different assortments of sushi rolls for all of your guests to enjoy with a shot of sake on the side represented the Bride and Groom’s love for the popular meal.


Chick-fil-a Bar. Now this would really make me happy. For all of you Southerners, Chick-fil-a is a way of life. Having a bar stocked with different chick-fil-a menu items is a sure fire way to win over your guests. Perfect late-night, grab-and-go, on-the-road snack.


Last…Sweet Treats!…

Smores Bar. Guests will LOVE this long standing campfire tradition. Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows with other decadent toppings to choose from creates a customized dessert treat.

Nashville_Wedding_Photography-29 Nashville_Wedding_Photography-28 0992 Nashville_Wedding_Photography-26

This weekend’s wedding hosted a dessert station with handmade goods from Savannah’s Candy company, Nashville Goo Goo Cluster selections, as well as a vintage Donut Shop’s delicious treats. The donuts were specifically requested due to the groom being a Nashville Metro Police Officer!


Unique Wedding Bars are a great way of expressing yourselves as a new couple. These are just a few to consider and ask your caterer for some inventive ways to share your favorite food or treats with your guests! Bon Appetit.

Cue The Beatles, because the 70s have officially returned. The boho chic wedding trend has become by far one of the most popular fads this year. “Think floral, nomadic, free-spirited and non-conformist – hippie meets gypsy” ( With the return of the 70s style on the runways as well as music festivals becoming the “it” thing to do this year, brides and grooms are channeling their inner Coachella on their special day.

Fashion. Boho chic wedding dresses are flowy and airy from off-the-shoulder accents to a load of lace to the cinched in waist. Last year Glamour Magazine predicted the off-the-shoulder wedding dress trend for this year and man were they right. Bridesmaids dresses are in muted, neutral colors to stay with the natural theme of a boho chic wedding; letting nature and the bride and groom be the focus. Also, the groom’s style is evolving as well. Some grooms are moving away from the traditional, formal black tuxedo and are now sporting a grey or brown or even blue suit with no jacket.591492aa0d6be7304747279523ab7034e0d343bf0a3debb5e7bed9ee075f35f248bf3e14638f54799fe545d1dddd8e85Flowers. A TON of flowers. Think flower crowns and overflowing bouquets and centerpieces that make you feel like you are in a beautiful garden. All of the flowers “seem freshly picked right off the field” ( According to, popular boho chic flowers include: hydrangeas, peonies, roses, dahlias, carnations, and of course eucalyptus leaves.Flower crowns became popular last year and boho chic brides are embracing them. Such a hippie accessory.

Venue. Staying with the hippie meets gypsy theme, boho chic weddings are usually held outside in a beautiful grass field with gorgeous views. Just the great outdoors and love in the air. Flower petals are strewn throughout the grass to add some color. Pews or chairs are set out for family members to enjoy and there may quite possibly be a barn in the background. All about nature.


40de84fc2d3530bee5d7ea517a99744aBoho chic weddings are beautiful and whimsical yet different and personalized. “The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere…” (

And like the Beatles said, “All you need is love. Love is all you need.” Ain’t that the truth.


Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Planner

Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Planner


  1. Enjoy Your Day

There are many minor details that get overlooked at weddings. “Who has the ring for the ring bearer?” “Whose car is the top of the cake going to go into so it can be refrigerated?” “Who has the hotel key to the honeymoon suite for the bride?” As a Bride you should never have to spend your most anticipated day running around being the “go-to” person for every detail. Your wedding planner will be able to answer all the questions and be your day of coordinator so you can further enjoy and commemorate your day.

2. Event and Wedding Planners can actually help you save!

The last thing a Bride wants to think about is paying a planner on top of the cost of a wedding, but did you know that sometimes they have special discounts with the best most reliable vendors in town, helping you get the best deal for the best quality of product? Allowing you to have the most elegant wedding you never knew you could afford!

3. Emotional Support

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As the day grows closer for your wedding day most couples, family, and friends involved become so overwhelmed they admit they just want your day to be over! Wedding planners are a great neutral figure and go to for any big decisions you need to make that may upset a family member. Additionally, they have experience in handling conflicts within a wedding and know how to navigate these or avoid them completely before they even begin.

4. Budgeting

It’s hard to know how much money to spend on what when it comes to paying for a wedding. What’s the best price for a live band? I’m $1,000 over budget where is the easiest place to cut this from? Where will most of my budget go? Wedding planners have years of experience on where your willing to put the money and how to execute the perfect day for the budget you set from the beginning. They will eliminate decisions you might make that would put you over budget.

5. Design

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Event and Wedding planners normally has a keen eye for design’s and the upcoming trends. Due to years of business your planner will have a good idea of the space and what could fit where/ what looks good where. He/she will also be able to pick up on the design of your wedding based off of little details you give them, creating and envisioning more than what you ever could have pictured.

Dawn’s Favorite Things!


Dawn’s Favorite Things!-  has published some amazing collections of items that our owner is either inspired by, uses as her favorite product, or believes you will be find the items to be your favorite too!  With the pantone colors of the season being light and airy, Dawn’s Favorite Things are showcasing a lovely blue to add to your wedding. Just a hint can touch on the superstitious saying Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. With ranges of hues you can produce an event that has a grounding color or just an accent. Blue pairs beautifully with silver or gold as shown in her selections. Her hand picked items are listed below to help you source and shop! Whether you want invitations, fingernail polish, sparkling wine or macaroons at your wedding….Have fun pulling items for your favorite thing!