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Dawns Favorite Things

Get ready for Bridal Season! KH Aestheics  is one of my favorite treats for myself! Besides being a long time dear friend, Karee takes the best care of my very sensitive skin and help me fight off the stress that this job can bring. Her team is fantastic and trained to perfection. Karee’s products are my fountain of youth favorite!

Contact Karee at, or at 615-383-5053


Mood of the Month!




This month, we’re feeling green— and in the best way! With the gloomy weather, and the fear  that winter just won’t end, we’re all longing for spring. We can help you get in the mood for spring with our Mood of the Month! This month, it’s moss green, a vivid springtime color thats the perfect accent to your big day. The color can hold its own as the central focus, but looks just as good accenting a bouquet or as a pop of color on a dinner or dessert table. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility, and the color is known to have calming and refreshing effects. These pictures highlight just a few of the possibilities that this lush color offers.

mood of the month 1