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Downtown Surprise Party!

Rafa Calderon was the guest of honor at his surprise party from his wife Karla. Originally from Costa Rica, he works in the import/export business. The guest list was comprised of country music stars to CEO’s of companies and family/friend from all over the world. Continue reading

Hope’s 40th Birthday

What a husband she has! Patrick Cummiskey could possibly win the husband of the year award for not only hosting a 40th for his wife, Hope, but also taking her on an amazing trip to Turks and Caicos! How many women get both the tropical trip AND the party?! I asked a lot of questions about Hope and his answers guided me to a theme of “country club-country chic”. I was told Hope is from Kentucky, loves the beach, blue is her favorite color and she wears her diamond earrings even to play tennis. The best compliment she gave was, “This is my house! This could be my bedroom!” I gave a sigh of relief and watched her enjoy her lovely night! Continue reading

40th Birthday Chic Celebration

What a great way to celebrate a grand birthday and Valentine’s Day! Dr. Shawn Brown shared an evening of dancing, drinks and delectable dining with friends and family from all over the U.S. The event was held at The Bungalow in Murfreesboro. A small intimate space that is in the middle of downtown and has beautiful features that are characteristic of it’s age. Under new ownership and worth a peek if planning an event in Murfreesboro. Continue reading