Cue The Beatles, because the 70s have officially returned. The boho chic wedding trend has become by far one of the most popular fads this year. “Think floral, nomadic, free-spirited and non-conformist – hippie meets gypsy” ( With the return of the 70s style on the runways as well as music festivals becoming the “it” thing to do this year, brides and grooms are channeling their inner Coachella on their special day.

Fashion. Boho chic wedding dresses are flowy and airy from off-the-shoulder accents to a load of lace to the cinched in waist. Last year Glamour Magazine predicted the off-the-shoulder wedding dress trend for this year and man were they right. Bridesmaids dresses are in muted, neutral colors to stay with the natural theme of a boho chic wedding; letting nature and the bride and groom be the focus. Also, the groom’s style is evolving as well. Some grooms are moving away from the traditional, formal black tuxedo and are now sporting a grey or brown or even blue suit with no jacket.591492aa0d6be7304747279523ab7034e0d343bf0a3debb5e7bed9ee075f35f248bf3e14638f54799fe545d1dddd8e85Flowers. A TON of flowers. Think flower crowns and overflowing bouquets and centerpieces that make you feel like you are in a beautiful garden. All of the flowers “seem freshly picked right off the field” ( According to, popular boho chic flowers include: hydrangeas, peonies, roses, dahlias, carnations, and of course eucalyptus leaves.Flower crowns became popular last year and boho chic brides are embracing them. Such a hippie accessory.

Venue. Staying with the hippie meets gypsy theme, boho chic weddings are usually held outside in a beautiful grass field with gorgeous views. Just the great outdoors and love in the air. Flower petals are strewn throughout the grass to add some color. Pews or chairs are set out for family members to enjoy and there may quite possibly be a barn in the background. All about nature.


40de84fc2d3530bee5d7ea517a99744aBoho chic weddings are beautiful and whimsical yet different and personalized. “The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere…” (

And like the Beatles said, “All you need is love. Love is all you need.” Ain’t that the truth.