Events Director

Tyler started her event planning career while still a junior at Belmont University. She was selected as the Recruitment Director for her sorority and fell in love with the experience. She began searching for internships with local wedding planning companies during her senior year and quickly fell in love with Dawn and the Premier W.E.D. business model. Tyler joined as one of the company’s first interns. The working relationship went so well that she was soon offered a director’s position with the company. Tyler takes pride in helping brides solidify the vision for their big day and making sure all of the couple’s needs are met. She was pursued by the Musician’s Hall of Fame to run their events and continues to produce events for both Premier W.E.D. and the MHoF.

Fun Facts:

  • Has attended 36 weddings or more (lost count)
  • Has been asked to be in 8 weddings
  • Her happy place is strolling TJMaxx or the mall…. all by herself.
  • She sneezes every time she walks outside into the sunshine.
  • She is a grandma at heart… loves cozy “old lady” sweaters and snuggling on the couch!
  • Had to run Premier W.E.D. alone after only working for 2 weeks as an intern when Dawn became terribly ill and was bedstriken for 2-3 months. On the job training at it’s best!
tyler premier team member - Premier W.E.D.


About Tyler

  • “Dawn and Tyler were a godsend to my family. Premier W.E.D. made us feel at all times like we were being looked after and every detail was perfect in the planning and implementation of our daughter's wedding. Dawn and Tyler really went the extra mile and patiently helped us navigate through the myriad of little (and big) things that we never even would have thought about until it was too late. We highly recommend Premier W.E.D. and know that in trusting your event planning to these super talented ladies you will not only be guaranteed to have a great event but will look back on the process as fun and easy, with a wedding planning team that is a joy to know and work with!”