Events Director

Team Member since 2018

Kelsey fell into event planning after applying and being accepted for an internship at Premier W.E.D. Although she had no previous experience, she proved to be exactly what Dawn was looking for in an intern that semester. After finishing the unpaid internship program Kelsey was hired as a paid intern and continued learning about the industry. Kelsey excelled quickly, and promotion rewarded her with a director position at Premier W.E.D. She finds that her work doesn’t feel like “work” even when the hours can be excruciatingly long and hard. It is rewarding beyond measure. She prides herself on building a great rapport with each client. This allows her to then learn what is most important to the client while grasping their vision and expectations. After that, the foundation of trust allows them to know they are in good hands which helps them relax while she ensures every detail is in place for them.

Fun Facts:

  • Kelsey is 6’2” flat footed and usually has to duck down while in dressing rooms or restroom stalls
  • She taught herself how to skateboard 4 years ago and has only fallen down twice from it
  • She once wrote a haiku on twitter and won a radio contest
  • When she graduated from college, she traveled to Spain, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom all in 12 days
  • She likes to listen to podcasts about scientific discoveries at 2x the speed
kelsey premier team member - Premier W.E.D.


About Kelsey

  • “We used Premier W.E.D. to help us plan our Nashville wedding, and would recommend them to anyone else starting the wedding planning process! We both live outside of Tennessee, and it was great having someone there to run everything and help us find great local vendors! Kelsey took care of everything on the day of the wedding, and we were able to just have a blast and enjoy each other and all of our guests! We truly had the best time ever during our wedding, and we couldn't have done it without them!”