Events Director + Planner

Team Member since 2019

Katy brings a mixture of logistical business know-how and creative thinking to each project. She is heavily involved in planning the logistics of the event, which she follows up with selecting the aesthetics. She understands how important weddings can be to a family and feels privileged to be involved in their special day. She enjoys balancing the design elements and the monetary logistics. It is very important to Katy to get to know a client well. This is the best way for her to help them put together their dream event. Listening to their ideas and suggesting some of her own makes each experience very special. She has a calming and kind presence that clients are drawn to.

Fun Facts:

  • Certified Scuba Diver
  • Always has dark chocolate around
  • She loves jazz music
  • Doesn’t like ketchup
  • Bucket List item: Cooking class in Italy
  • Danced for 16 years…ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop…(sucked at that)
  • Doctor told her she’d be tall so she planned on being a Rockette. Devastated to only be 5’2”. If only she and Kelsey could trade?!
  • Has swam with Dolphins, Sting Rays and night dives with Manta Rays
katy premier team member - Premier W.E.D.


About Katy

  • “Katy and Dawn were amazing. They took care of everything and provided us with the best vendors. I would recommend them to anyone I know nowadays wedding planners are invaluable if you want to save money and time. Dawn really knows her stuff so my experience was stress free. Money well spent. Thanks Premier W.E.D.!! 🙂 ”