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Making Your Mom’s Dress Your Something Old








Every bride dreams of incorporating her mother’s wedding dress into her own special day. There are many ways to use your mom’s dress without actually wearing it because, let’s face it, sometimes your mom’s taste back then does not suit your taste now. But using part of your mother’s dress during your wedding will be meaningful for you both. Make it your something old.

As a part of your dress:

Use a piece of your mom’s dress as a part of your dress. Part of the lace from her veil can be sewn into your train. Incorporate some of her sleeves into yours (maybe not the complete 80s sleeves that mom may have had, but something more modern and classic). Cut part of her dress and use it as a sash for your dress.

Refurbish her dress:

Reconstruct her dress into your rehearsal dinner dress. Brides wear white on this day anyway, so a vintage white dress from your mom would be perfect. Cut off your mom’s dress and make it your own, still keeping her twist on it of course.










As a decoration:

You don’t have to cut up your mom’s entire dress, but use a piece or two somewhere in your ceremony. Use part of her dress as a decoration around your bouquet or as the ring bearer’s pillow. Something small but still noteworthy.








As an accessory:

There is a large chance that your mom’s dress has some lace incorporated in it. Use some of her lace as your garter. If you are more on the boho-chic side, use some of your mom’s lace as part of your flower crown. Or for your man, incorporate a piece of your mom’s dress as a nice pocket square. That way he has a little bit of you and your family with him as he waits for you at the end of the aisle/



Making your mom’s gown part of your extra special day is a meaningful thing. Make it your something old and your mom will love it, guaranteed!