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Home for The Holidays

One thing I love most about my home is that I designed it to have plenty of room for overnight guests! I recently redecorated one of our spare bedrooms and I chose a neutral palette to sooth the guests. It turned out so well…I want to stay in it! If you are a newlywed or a long time host to family, inspiration lies just at your fingertips! We have selected things we think make a guest fell welcomed. Get ready to make your new home together feel like it’s welcomed guests for years!

First start with a bed that beckons the guest to crawl in. Pillows that are plush, luxury linens, memory foam mattress topper. I loved this bed by Brian Patrick and the menswear pillows are perfect! It’s what you want on a great bed. A mixture of texture and pattern….


Is your room small? Extend it with a floor mirror as seen below, or reflective properties like the photo above. Also thoughtfully leave fresh guest towels folded with bath accessories they might have forgotten.


Keep the essentials on hand. What a treat to have your bag perfectly perched on a rack instead of digging from the floor! Offer down alternative in addition to down for those with allergies, and have a lovely carafe for the guests to sip from at their bedside table.

.Ogallala-Comfort-Company-Harvester-Double-Shell-600-Hypo-Blend-Firm-Pillow-1 Wall+Saver+Luggage+Rack Cathys-Concepts-Bedside-Water-Carafe-and-Glass-Set-1196

Speaking of bedside table….clear out any items in the top drawers of the night stands or dressers in the room. Make a guest feel like they can make themselves at home. Clean off the top of the night stands from dust and debris. They need a place for charging their phone, that lovely carafe you filled for them and the magazine you bought them to read in bed! Don’t forget the flowers! (Make sure your guests aren’t allergic)



I love a neutral color for a bedroom. Use textures, patterns and finishes to bring variety with out chaos. You want the guest to experience comfort and peace, not your personal storage room.  4

Last…it’s nice to have a comfortable place to sit besides the bed. A bench, a small reading chair, or even these fur covered cubes at the foot of the bed! Throw a blanket over that chair and they are ready to curl up for a nap!



No matter the budget, you can create a Home for your guests during the holidays that will keep them coming back months to come.


Pantone 2016

he Christmas Season has just begun and we are laying out the red carpet for 2016. As the new year approaches we already know what the experts are predicting for the year to come. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the spring color palette includes rose quartz and serenity. Planning a spring wedding or event? Consider using this year’s soothing pastel colors to bring together the perfect event that gives everything a young yet cool balance. 08OTR1SUB_COMBO-master675




Rose Quarz Serenity 6

Rose Quarz Serenity 7