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Branding Your Event With Signage

Our office loves paper! It’s a bit of an addiction. We are all about going green, but with a love for stationary, it’s difficult to cut out some things. Branding your wedding or event with signage is a detail that we encourage our clients to follow through with. Designs are created using everything from linen details, couples favorite TV shows, textures from the outdoors and of course…the southern feel that is so hot right now in the industry! It makes for a seamless design scheme and theme. Who doesn’t appreciate knowing what hors d’ oeuvres is being passed to them, or what amazing dessert treat is awaiting them? Here are some fun ways we have had our paper companies create memorable details with signage. It is not only informative, but fun, creative and beautiful!

Hope_Surprise_Party-Evin Photography-66 Hope_Surprise_Party-Evin Photography-121

Food signage that matches the embroidered linens used on dinner tables.






Doctor Who Themed Wedding with Galifreyan invitations and signageDr_Who_Wedding_WEB_©2014abigailbobophotography-23

PremierWEDHoliday036 PremierWEDHoliday023


Santa themed holiday party at it’s best! The red glitter back ground with the black latex bands!













Country Glam. We used kraft paper & gold glitter backing for Southern Wedding Signage



View More: B’Nai Mitzvah for Triplets and their own personal Sweet Shop was designed by Dawn! Their logo was it’s own branding item created by Postscript Papers

View More: 24 5-9-15-Jason-Courtney-531  5-9-15-Jason-Courtney-6095-9-15-Jason-Courtney-571

Where do we sit? Where do we go? Most common questions at reception! Seating charts with seamless design assist guests without asking them keep up with a guest card.IMG_3477CAS-GALLERY-03-wb