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Emerald Green: Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year

{in everyday style, makeup, wedding and home decor}
A natural and luxurious hue, Emerald green brings the color of the ocean depths into play. Because this color is used in clothing, makeup and home design it is extremely versatile and flatters almost anyone and anything. This color dazzles on redheads and brunettes especially but shouldn’t be limited there. This deep hue gives off a sense of elegance and
sophistication and can be worn in any season however, it stands out the most in winter.

Music City Magic

    Nashville is known for its musical prodigies, wild concerts, and upbeat bands playing every Friday night. The city is full of inspiration not only for artists but for couples planning a wedding as well. However, downtown is not the only destination with a country yet sophisticated feel. From rustic farms to Antebellum mansions, Nashville is a city where variety and functionality go hand in hand. The city’s natural beauty makes it a wedding hotspot for couples native to the area and with new discoveries around every corner, there is truly something here for everyone.

Origins of Ombré

This increasingly popular style of design is taking off in weddings and can even be seen in home decor.  Ombré is usually a monochromatic look but its graduation of color throughout the design makes for an eye-catching composition wherever it is used. The rainbow ombré style is another colorful way to incorporate all of your favorite colors as shown below. The ombré effect is a great color scheme alternative that can jazz up any venue and intrigue your guests and although many individuals love the effect, few are able to properly pull it together. However, due to their experience and expertise in wedding and event design, Premier W.E.D is  more than able to construct your ombré vision. In fact, we will have photos to share of a surprise birthday party we are designing in Feb. that is using the Ombré effect!