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Popsicle Paradise

Cool off your guests with a classic summer treat! Popsicles were invented by accident by an eleven year old in 1905. Frank Epperson left a cup of powdered soda, water with a stirring stick on his porch. The temperatures were so cold, that the next morning found a frozen Popsicle. The Popsicle was first called an Epsicle, and his friends quickly loved it. In 1923, when busy working at a lemonade stand did he think about making it a business. He then changed the name to Popsicle, after his kids kept asking for “Pop’ssicle.” He got a patent for it in 1924. The following year he sold the rights to the Joe Lowe Company. In 1928, Epperson had royalties from over 60 million Popsicle ice pop sales. Continue reading