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Hall-Vanlier Engagement Story

Mary (who is finishing medical school) and Terrance (who is an IT guy) first met when a mutual family member was born 14 years ago. Mary had a huge crush on Terrance, but he didnt know it. To her surprise he asked Mary on a date 4 years ago. She still doesn’t know what prompted it or how long he had been thinking about it, but she quickly said yes. They were engaged on
Nov 29, 2009. Continue reading

Do Yourself a Favor

Organic Cookies (

Wedding favors are often an after thought for a lot of wedding couples. You can be overwhelmed with ideas or blocked of thoughts of how to incorporate your wedding into such a small item! Cost is another major factor keeping couples from providing that extra treat for their guests. Here are some new ideas for 2011, cost efficient options, and also some of my favorite favors no matter the theme! Continue reading

Hip Honeymoon Hotels

You said your nuptials, ate your wedding cake, toasted your glasses and partied all night with your friends and family. Now it’s time to get away and relax. If you’re looking to do nothing but sit on the beach and watch the waves, then there are plenty of places to go. The Hawaiian islands are a popular destination and according to Conde Nast Traveler, Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort on the island of Kauai is a must-visit. Continue reading