Monthly Archives: February 2010

Butterfly Party-Spring Time Design!

As as wedding designer/planner I secretly have my favorite clients. This particular client was easy to please and was thrilled with my design. Two years ago, before the butterfly craze, I created a spectacular party for my then, 2 year old daughter. I wanted it to be bright, cheerful, and a fun fantasy land for the girls attending. Being mindful of my time and a budget set by my ever so frugal husband, I used my creativity in making the day very special. Here are pictures for inspiration and ideas. Continue reading

Part II of Diva Designer-Featuring Jennifer Neal Milam

I chose to use interesting flower selections in feature locations rather than tons of traditional flowers. We also utilized the flowers from the rehearsal dinner in the reception. Keeping design and floral selection interesting is a better use of your resources than trying to place flowers everywhere in little bits that eventually are overlooked. WOW factor goes a long way! And consider your location, mine was a shotgun style space and would be filled to the hilt, so I focused upward and outward! Continue reading

Designer Diva Does Budget Wedding- Jennifer Neal Milam Guest Blogger

I asked my sweet friend, Jennifer Neal MilamWedding Designer and owner of Reveal Event Style, to share with you about her wedding experience. I have so many clients feeling the pressure of budgeting and cut backs on their dream wedding and I thought this might make those of you feel a little more normal! I was sad to not help her with her dream wedding, but she was adamant that I attend a wedding finally and NOT plan one! I enjoyed myself thoroughly and her music was my favorite part of the entire wedding! This is a two part series and she will share her experience in keeping a designer look but on a defined budget. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! Continue reading