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One Of My Favorite Nashville Weddings


Heather Kennel and Dr. Jim Massie were married a couple of years ago and are expecting their first child. Even as time has past and fabulous weddings have occured, their wedding stays in my mind as one of my favorites. It helps that Heather’s tastes are very similar to my own, but that usually doesn’t matter for me to love a wedding. Here are the top reasons I think I fell in love with this particular wedding Continue reading

Leiper’s Fork Farm

Photo courtesy of Jen Cook
There is a sweet, beautiful farm that I am excited to share with you. Southall Eden Farm is located in historical Leiper’s Fork. Shannon O’Kelley with Southall Eden Paperie (a custom invitation and graphics company) bought the farm last Spring and has been working tirelessly to mold it into a premier event space. Shannon has selected Premier W.E.D. as the farm’s preferred event planner and wedding directing company. I was honored to help her plan the upcoming Open House. I would love the opportunity to showcase the farm to you and if you are interested in being on Premier W.E.D.’s guest list, please call our office. 615-332-0592 Continue reading

Oak Alley Plantation Wedding in Louisianna

It seems like it’s been a year since I planned and directed Lindsey and Ken’s wedding in April! I had made one of my first posts before the trip and intended on immediately following up. As with a lot of new bloggers….I let time slip away. But here I am ready to share about the charming wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O’Neal! I also have ridiculous and hysterical (now that I can look back on it) moments that Joanne and I experienced on the trip. Those had absolutely nothing to do with the wedding itself and I will have to share those in another blog. It goes to show that a wedding can be flawless and I still have drama! Continue reading

Fashion in Weddings

A.H.P. Photography
Josh and Betsy’s Wedding, Jackson TN 2009

Clients come to me with wedding magazine pages that represent their style and tastes. I love it! It’s one of my favorite parts of that initial meeting. A few years ago it came to me that my clients, with out them even knowing it, were bringing me pictures of their wardrobes. What I mean by that is…their vision of what they wanted their wedding to be was very much like the clothes in their closets. Now, I can’t quite visualize their entire wardrobe in that one meeting, but I am pretty good!

Continue reading