Monthly Archives: July 2009

Finding The One

I was at the beach (the one where my husband proposed to me) on vacation recently and realized that finding your soul mate is a lot like looking for that one-of-a-kind seashell. I spend forever combing the waters edge for that really “cool” shell. The one that has no holes, is shiny, not too white, not too gray, a little color, and BIG. Yet, with all my effort and patience, I still end up picking up the shells that have a hole in them or a sand dollar that is broken in half. I am so excited when I find them and work so hard to not get knocked down by the waves while I am reaching for them that I don’t even realize that it wasn’t up to the “standard” I’d set when I got up off my beach chair. I start the process with one idea of what I need to find and end up absolutely thrilled with what nature provides! I see that 1/2 sand dollar on my coffee table and I love it!

One thing is for certain: we all deserve a very special person to spend our life with and nature has a way of working that out too! Just like the ocean changes those shells over time our “idea” of a sole mate might do the same. I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone but my husband and yet I put him through such scrutiny when we met. He makes me laugh every time he imitates the first time we spoke. Let’s just say he was a shell that kept washing up at my feet and I just kept searching for the sand dollar. Glad I got knocked over by that wave!