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Show off Shoes

These shoes are all from the fabulous duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka. They collaborated in 1988 and began creating sophisticated couture styles for women, with their shoe line launching in the spring of 2000. You will find BadgleyMischka on one of my favorite sites for wedding shoes I usually can find the exact shoe a client is looking for in just minutes and they offer a variety of heights and styles. When the night lingers, I am a referral rep for a great flip flop company that has beautiful leather imprinted soles and I have ordered them for client’s bridesmaids before. Check out Sandals 4 Events. Continue reading


I am a fan of a clutch that can give you a little spark of color on your wedding day and carry into your everyday life once your fairytale wedding has read “the end”. One of my favorite clutches is this beautiful Peacock Clutch It is made of silk brocade. Metallic Peacock feathers wisp across this luxurious silk brocade on a teal background. The metallic nature of the plumage is interesting in that it appears to be both silver and gold, depending on the light. Continue reading

New Event Space in South Nashville

White and Gold Wedding Ceremony
I am excited to share with you a new event space that has selected Premier W.E.D. as their preferred event planner. Lenox Village Development in South Nashville has just finished a beautiful ballroom on their 6th floor for the residents to enjoy at a significantly reduced rate but outside renters are also welcome and the rental rate is still one of the most competetive in the event market.I have just finished working in the space this week and have 3 different settings to show you. I designed 3 different events to showcase the space at is greatest potential with the help of some of the top vendors in the city. Continue reading

Wedding Planning vs. Wedding Directing

It can be overwhelming to start the wedding process and even more overwhelming to meet all the many vendors that could be involved. So many people (even wedding industry people) have no clue what the difference is between a wedding planner, a wedding designer, a wedding director, etc.
Here is a simple explanation of the difference between the different roles Continue reading

Flawless Skin For Your Wedding Day!

Sure we all want to lose that last ten pounds we said we’d lose six months ago when it comes time for a big event. Weddings, monumental birthdays, class reunions, are all “crunch time” events. Spending more time trying to lose that last minute weight isn’t where we should be spending our time. Having skin that glows and is in great shape is more achieveable and makes a more noticeable difference. Especially when you are limited in time.

There are great products out there that will help you look like a million dollars and you don’t have to break your bank. You’ve seen all the magazines to know they are out there. Why not actually try them? I suggest this…go see a professional first. See a licensed aesthetician and/or a dermatologist for a consult about your skin and it’s current condition. Then you can get their advice for an over-the-counter regimen. Continue reading